Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Breakup Buddies

I haven't been the best type of friend in the three years that I have been with Mr. H. I almost never went out with my friends except for those once-a-year get togethers with my college buddies. All interaction and funny conversations with officemates happened in the confines of the office. In other words, I had an almost non-existent social life, but I didn't really care that much. I had a great lovelife (as far as I was concerned). That is the only reason I have for not finding and making time for my friends.

So imagine my surprise when everyone I ditched for three years all got into the "Breakup Cruise" when Mr. H. and I broke up. I was so overwhelmed with the support. All I had to do was utter 3 words (We broke up), and they were all there even if I didn't explicitly asked for them. I was more than happy and grateful that they showed the support I needed and helped me figure things out even I was just sulking and moping and practically throwing a tantrum when we accidentally found ourselves in High Street Friday night (I am sorry Flip and Chad. I wasn't ready to be in High Street yet. It was the last place we visited as a happy couple. But thank you for allowing me to walk outside High Street rather than through it. I love you both).

April is probably the first one who absorbed all the shock last Tuesday. The first one I told that Mr. H. and I are officially over. I felt her presence even if she was in QC. She asked all the right questions (Hinde ba third party?) and said all the right words (Don't stress yourself. Baka mapatay nga namin si Mr. H pag nagkataon). Those are actually quite funny. She made me laugh, this girl.

Next is Flip. Flip knows all the problems Mr. H. and I are having prior to the breakup for he has assigned himself to be my official guardian. Even before we broke up, Flip already explained every shit that Mr. H. had me go through. He is that guy friend I needed who should be the co-author of "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken." He answered every question I had in the way I would understand (though it's so hard to understand men. I don't know where they got their brains manufactured), called Mr. H. a jerk, and let me cry when I needed to (with chips in hand, no less!).

Then there is Chad, the friend who manipulated me into Kenny Rogers, so he'll be able to get the shit that's happening out of me. I told him everything the night before Mr. H. and I broke up and that last chat conversation we had. We were both hopeful that with the last words Mr. H. said, he'll be coming back to his senses and that he just needs more space like he claimed he needed. However, we were both so wrong, so when we saw each other the next day when my heart is already all broken up, he let me cry, too, saying, "Lakasan mo lang. Wag mo dibdibin." A few days after, we had a good laugh over our credit card joke, went out last Friday, and allowed me to say "Punyeta" a few times while we were walking the length of High Street.

And of course, who will forget Katey, the one who helped me understand that "Dude, he was never coming back. He had it planned the first time he asked for space." She is the friend who shared chocolate chip mint ice cream with me and lent me a very good idea to let Mr. H. know he messed with the wrong Superfox. Until now, the evil idea has not left my brain, so Mr. H. shouldn't really keep his defense down.

Lastly, there was Riki and Albert who I think got as confused as I am since they have spent college with both Mr. H. and I. We never understood him, but we had good laughs over Riki's collection of very corny but equally funny knock-knock jokes (from Ramon Bautista himself!). It was so corny I actually thought of knocking the poor guy down, but what the hey! He's just trying to make me happy, I think. All in all, it was a nice dinner even if Riki really just made fun of my new status and told me that Mr. H. and I just wasted time and emotions for three years.

I know that more people are there for me and I just need to call on them. A lot of people showed love in FB even if I didn't know they cared. Someday, when I am mended up, I may write them all a note or will be there for them when the same thing happens to them. Right now, I just still really need them a lot, so I hope that they will continue to be there until I won't need breakup buddies anymore and need just my buddies back.


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  2. First up, it's kinda hard to read when the text is white and the background is black, especially when I am a bit teary-eyed from being mentioned in this post. LOL!

    I'm still here, and you know that you don't have to ask twice.

    (There's a typo in this comment, so I reposted it. LOL!)

  3. I know that you'll always be there. I know I'm like a broken record these days, always saying the same things, but I hope you'll hang in there a little bit more. I'll get to where I need to get to someday but hopefully soon. :)

  4. There's no problem with repeating one's self, especially if you are trying to learn a lesson. The bad thing is to repeat doing the same mistakes over and over again.

  5. I promise. No committing the same mistake. :)