Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Random Ramblings

because I am tired on a Sunday and alone and cold on our monthsary.

I ticked the things I needed to do next week: recruit, train, and finish 50 essays (because Chad and I are aiming for 100 essays next cut-off :D), and I got a little overwhelmed. I went over that list again and realized that this is my chance (MY CHANCE!) to prove that the Super Employee from two years ago is still somewhere inside of me. This is my chance to prove to everyone that I can do more than be the Sleepyhead and Music Out Loud Awardee. Hahaha! I got two cute little silver trophies because of those, though, so I am not complaining. But seriously, I'll be mighty proud of myself if next week will go without any hassle or delay in any of those things I need to do. So I will:

  • Wake up early each day next week. Be at the office between 9-10AM
  • Sleep early. No later than 12:30 each night.
  • Do at least 12 essays on Monday. It's best to start strong.
  • Dress like the supervisor that I am since I will be interviewing candidates.
  • Finish all my essays in the office, so I will be able to focus on training simulations when I get home.
  • Cut-down on Facebook time and drama. Only one hour per night is allowed.
  • Cut-down on shower time. Only 30 minutes allowed. :(

Next, I've been admiring these gorgeous pairs of Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes in Facebook for a while now:

I didn't even bother to take out the shop's watermark. Haha. This is free advertising for Erika's online store which can be found at and Shop Dainty at Facebook. I have bought a couple of times from Erika already who conveniently lives in the same village as I do which means no shipping fee. I love this tech-savvy girl because, unlike other online shops which make it so hard to browse products because of image-heavy and cluttered sites, her Multiply site is well-maintained, organized, and very browser friendly. Never had a hard time loading her website.

Anyway, enough advertising for her. Haha. I've been wanting these pairs since I first laid eyes on them sometime last May, but I was saving for my trip to Palawan and then when that was over, I had the house to pay for. I still don't know how I'll get these for myself considering that these are pretty cheap (1,550.00/pair. That's cheap already when I use to shop for 4k worth of clothes before per cut-off!). I hope that I don't just drool on these pairs until they run out-of-stock already. :(

I don't really have anything to ramble about anymore. I was supposed to write about our Palawan trip (Yayay said, "Pag di mo yun blinog ako magbblog don." Che. Mag-Math ka na lang. :P), but I really don't have my opening and closing lines for it yet (Those are the lines I need to have in order to write about something well), so I am postponing it for now.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Tricycle Mishap

Today, I rode a tricycle from ATC (that's Alabang Town Center to you, non-Southerner. Hehe.) to the office which is in the same vicinity (both in barangay Ayala Alabang) because I was running late, and it was already too hot to walk along Daang Hari to the office which I usually do when I get up early. Anyway, I've been riding in this particular stop for over a year now, and I am pretty aware of how much I should pay -- 40 pesos from ATC to the office. Today, I rode on one and the driver stopped right in front of the office building. I handed him 50 pesos and waited for my change to which he replied "50 hanggang dito."

"Kuya, hinde. 40 lang."

"50. araw-araw ako naghahatid hanggang dito."

"Hinde, Kuya. 40. Araw-araw ako nasakay hanggang dito."

"50. Naghahatid ako dyan yung 2 Koreano tsaka yung isang nagtatrabaho dyan. 50 eh dyan lang sila mas malapit."

"HINDE, KUYA. 40 lang."

"Ikaw lang ang nagsabi na 40 lang hanggang dito."

At that point, I was already looking for the tricycle's TODA number (which is number 016, btw), "Araw-araw ako nasakay hanggang dito ikaw lang nagsabi saken na 50 hanggang dito. 40 LANG."

"Ang 40 hanggang Madrigal lang."

Sa isip ko "Punyeta, asan ba tayo?!? *)(#*@#^)@". "40 LANG, KUYA."

Driver inabot ang 10 pesos. "Sa susunod pag nakita mo yung no. 16 wag ka nang sasakay ah."


What I don't like more than anything else are "Mga Pilipino na nandurugas ng kapwa nila Pilipino" (Filipinos who take advantage of Filipinos). It's just so freakin' unbecoming of people who are very hospitable towards others of another race. I mean, fine, it was just 10 pesos, but if he does that everyday, that's not just 10 pesos anymore. Besides, if there was a raise in fares, he would have that laminated sheet of paper announcing the raise and the updated fares which he didn't have. He didn't even tell me that there is a raise in fare (which would've made me budge. On second thoughts, maybe still not because there is no announcement whatsoever). I hate delays and confrontations like this which could've been avoided if everyone's just honest. ARGH.

Anyway, there. Remember TODA no. 016 in ATC and do not ride on that thing. Such a dishonest person. Your mother will not be proud of you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011


I must admit that I have been way too quiet lately. Too quiet that people are messaging me in Facebook asking why they haven't been seeing me online. I guess I am trying hard to not draw any kind of attention to me because attention is not always good. That doesn't mean that I don't have anything to say. On the contrary, I have a lot to say, but I realized that keeping mum about some things and letting them pass is really the best decision one can make sometimes.

The past month or so is something I really don't know what to call. It's been pretty good but also pretty bad. The only thing I am sure of, though, is that the past month or so taught me lessons. Actually, I think it's the past year.

I have learned that keeping quiet is the best way to handle issues sometimes. I can't count how many times I have attempted (or thought) to speak up or defend myself or simply want to make "parinig." I have realized, though, that the talking doesn't solve anything. On the other hand, it just makes things bigger because everyone has a side and when you keep on airing your side, people keep on airing theirs, too, and before you know it, everything will burgeon into something unmanageable already. People may see that as a sign that I am guilty or I know I am wrong, but no, really. I just really don't know what I'll get out of yakking about in Facebook.

I've also learned that if you can't keep quiet, then at least have the decency to talk about things privately. I am happy to have grown like this over the past year. We can all actually go back to my blogs in this very site to a year ago, and that's all I ever did -- put everything out here. Mature people talk about their issues privately. It's one thing my boyfriend now also agreed on -- no putting any arguments on Facebook. No, no, no. You don't really get anything from putting your issues out in the open. People feast on issues. People always have opinions, and ever since this whole social networking business has been in boom, the saying "keep your nose out of other people's business" just got lost. I have realized that if I have a problem with someone (or someone has a problem with me [cue greeting here: Hi, Chad! :D]), then have the balls to approach that person and tell them "I have a freakin' issue with you." This way, it's between the two of you and not you, me, and the whole wide world.

Which leads me to my next point: if you can't talk to people about your issue, then you don't have any right whatsoever to blame people or rant about what's bothering you. No one told you to keep it all in. It's your choice. If you don't have the balls to talk about issues, then you do not have the right to rant about it anywhere else. This is something I make sure I exercise now. I can't count the number of times I seriously just want to walk up to some people and tell them they really need to straighten up because I don't find anything they're doing to be amusing. However, I am not really the confrontational type, and I have a tendency to let things pass, so I just remind myself that I didn't do anything about what's bothering me, so I have no right whatsoever to rant about it.

True friendships also mean tough love. For the past month, I have kept quiet, but there are people who successfully squeezed some information out of me or those I needed to tell because it will get in the way of work, or I just plainly needed comfort, and through all these, I have to swallow my pride and listen to what they have to say as to what part of the blame I needed to take. I never said I was 100% right. It takes two to tango after all. That means, I must've done something wrong, and my real friends talked to me and told me "You shouldn't have done this" or "You should have done this instead". After one very long conversation with a friend where he practically bashed me (HAHA), I messaged him a "thank you" and that I appreciated the things he pointed out, and he replied with "Ok lang yun para mas lalo pang tumagal ang pakakaibigan naten." True friends will guide you and will try to make you a better person even if it means you're going to get hurt.

Only time really heals wounds. You can try crying out loud, laughing out loud, and smashing your breakfast tray. At the end of the day, however, you still hurt and you break your favorite (because it's the only one you have) breakfast tray. Fast forward to a year after (and keeping quiet for a while), however, you will find yourself to not be hurting anymore and on your way to a full recovery. There's no easy way out of pain. Sometimes, you just have to let it be. Let it stay at a standstill. In time, and without you realizing it, you'll see that it has healed already -- and on its own, too. You can't rush some things. You just really have to let time do its work.

You have to see the beauty in the things that you have lost. I feel like one thing that kept me going the past year is how I realized that I have gained some things in place of those that I have lost. When things ended last year and last month, I had to constantly remind myself of everything I have gained: friends, friendship with people I can't stand before, having the chance to take care of myself, etc. Things don't happen just so you can suffer. Things happen because they have to happen.

Stop complaining about work. Work is tiring, but work keeps us alive. Therefore, it's not something we should be complaining about. If we have a lot of things to complain about work, then we should just leave our jobs. A few months before, I can probably rant non-stop about how tired I am, how I am not paid enough, etc, etc. But then after I looked for some jobs online and still stuck with the job I've been doing for almost four years now, I realized that I am not getting out because I am getting something from my job -- something good. I realized then that I do not really have any right to complain and rant about things. If I want something else, then I should just go look for something else instead of complaining with what I have, or I can do something about my complaints so that I will stop complaining.

Let things go if they are not working for you. One's happiness is important because you can never make anyone happy if you aren't happy. This means, you have to go after what will make you happy. When you keep things that are not working for you, you build bitterness inside you until there is nothing left but that. Drama is also only good when it's on TV. It's not good anywhere else, so you have to avoid the drama and what's causing it. It will make everyone happy eventually. Also, only the strong can let go.

Lastly, if you can't be there for people, then just pray for them. It sounds cheesy, but God hears us. And He will be able to do a lot more than you can. If you can't do something for someone, it's time to let God do it. He is, after all, God, and much, much powerful than you are.

I am pretty sure that I have learned more than these, but I can only squeeze so much out of my brain at 2 o'clock in the morning. I have to write these, though, so I won't forget. I have an awesome God who keeps on reminding me about what he already taught me that I forget, and I really don't want to go through all the shitty experiences just because I am forgetful. I am keeping these here so that I will always remember. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


When Mama gave birth to our "bunso", he wasn't even longer than a pillow. Now, he's as tall as me (0r probably even taller). All grown-up now and already has a girlfriend *SOB*. Just took this today in my apartment. ISO was way too high (which explains the noise which I took out using Noiseware but it affected the clarity of the picture) because it was kinda dark, and I don't want to use the flash. Hehe.