Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Tricycle Mishap

Today, I rode a tricycle from ATC (that's Alabang Town Center to you, non-Southerner. Hehe.) to the office which is in the same vicinity (both in barangay Ayala Alabang) because I was running late, and it was already too hot to walk along Daang Hari to the office which I usually do when I get up early. Anyway, I've been riding in this particular stop for over a year now, and I am pretty aware of how much I should pay -- 40 pesos from ATC to the office. Today, I rode on one and the driver stopped right in front of the office building. I handed him 50 pesos and waited for my change to which he replied "50 hanggang dito."

"Kuya, hinde. 40 lang."

"50. araw-araw ako naghahatid hanggang dito."

"Hinde, Kuya. 40. Araw-araw ako nasakay hanggang dito."

"50. Naghahatid ako dyan yung 2 Koreano tsaka yung isang nagtatrabaho dyan. 50 eh dyan lang sila mas malapit."

"HINDE, KUYA. 40 lang."

"Ikaw lang ang nagsabi na 40 lang hanggang dito."

At that point, I was already looking for the tricycle's TODA number (which is number 016, btw), "Araw-araw ako nasakay hanggang dito ikaw lang nagsabi saken na 50 hanggang dito. 40 LANG."

"Ang 40 hanggang Madrigal lang."

Sa isip ko "Punyeta, asan ba tayo?!? *)(#*@#^)@". "40 LANG, KUYA."

Driver inabot ang 10 pesos. "Sa susunod pag nakita mo yung no. 16 wag ka nang sasakay ah."


What I don't like more than anything else are "Mga Pilipino na nandurugas ng kapwa nila Pilipino" (Filipinos who take advantage of Filipinos). It's just so freakin' unbecoming of people who are very hospitable towards others of another race. I mean, fine, it was just 10 pesos, but if he does that everyday, that's not just 10 pesos anymore. Besides, if there was a raise in fares, he would have that laminated sheet of paper announcing the raise and the updated fares which he didn't have. He didn't even tell me that there is a raise in fare (which would've made me budge. On second thoughts, maybe still not because there is no announcement whatsoever). I hate delays and confrontations like this which could've been avoided if everyone's just honest. ARGH.

Anyway, there. Remember TODA no. 016 in ATC and do not ride on that thing. Such a dishonest person. Your mother will not be proud of you.

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