Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Random Ramblings

because I am tired on a Sunday and alone and cold on our monthsary.

I ticked the things I needed to do next week: recruit, train, and finish 50 essays (because Chad and I are aiming for 100 essays next cut-off :D), and I got a little overwhelmed. I went over that list again and realized that this is my chance (MY CHANCE!) to prove that the Super Employee from two years ago is still somewhere inside of me. This is my chance to prove to everyone that I can do more than be the Sleepyhead and Music Out Loud Awardee. Hahaha! I got two cute little silver trophies because of those, though, so I am not complaining. But seriously, I'll be mighty proud of myself if next week will go without any hassle or delay in any of those things I need to do. So I will:

  • Wake up early each day next week. Be at the office between 9-10AM
  • Sleep early. No later than 12:30 each night.
  • Do at least 12 essays on Monday. It's best to start strong.
  • Dress like the supervisor that I am since I will be interviewing candidates.
  • Finish all my essays in the office, so I will be able to focus on training simulations when I get home.
  • Cut-down on Facebook time and drama. Only one hour per night is allowed.
  • Cut-down on shower time. Only 30 minutes allowed. :(

Next, I've been admiring these gorgeous pairs of Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes in Facebook for a while now:

I didn't even bother to take out the shop's watermark. Haha. This is free advertising for Erika's online store which can be found at and Shop Dainty at Facebook. I have bought a couple of times from Erika already who conveniently lives in the same village as I do which means no shipping fee. I love this tech-savvy girl because, unlike other online shops which make it so hard to browse products because of image-heavy and cluttered sites, her Multiply site is well-maintained, organized, and very browser friendly. Never had a hard time loading her website.

Anyway, enough advertising for her. Haha. I've been wanting these pairs since I first laid eyes on them sometime last May, but I was saving for my trip to Palawan and then when that was over, I had the house to pay for. I still don't know how I'll get these for myself considering that these are pretty cheap (1,550.00/pair. That's cheap already when I use to shop for 4k worth of clothes before per cut-off!). I hope that I don't just drool on these pairs until they run out-of-stock already. :(

I don't really have anything to ramble about anymore. I was supposed to write about our Palawan trip (Yayay said, "Pag di mo yun blinog ako magbblog don." Che. Mag-Math ka na lang. :P), but I really don't have my opening and closing lines for it yet (Those are the lines I need to have in order to write about something well), so I am postponing it for now.

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