Monday, April 11, 2011


I want to say that I am really busy with all sorts of things, except that it would be considered lying. So far, the only things taking up my week are work on weekdays and Kalbs on weekends. Saturday last week, we stuffed ourselves crazy at Yakimix in Greenbelt 3. We got there 4:30pm, and the place was closed. We didn't know (haha), but we were informed by the guard that they will open for dinner at 5:30pm. We stayed near Bubba Gump a floor down and went back at 5:25pm. Just in time, I thought, and this is the crowd that greeted us:

There is a friggin' line, and not just a line, mind you. This is just that part that my camera was able to reach. There are more people on both sides. Good thing we still got there on time and Yayay got us a table. And ours was right beside the buffet! Haha. I wish I took a picture of that, but we read somewhere that taking pictures of the buffet table is not allowed, so I really didn't bother anymore. Besides, why would I even bother when there is so much food in sight? Yes, didn't bother at all! :P
I had a grand time cooking even if I turned them all to carcinogens after...

I asked if he wants them tutong anyway, and he said yes. F na F kong housewife ako. Promise! :D Haha. At dahil mabuti kang boyfriend, ipaghimay mo ko ng hipon, Engr.:

Anyway, here is Yayay looking like his usual pogi self:

And then, of course, there is us:

And then here is our playmate from the table behind us:

All she ate were popsicles. I sure wish she got in for free...

After stuffing ourselves and personally feeling like everything I ate is on their way out of my mouth, we went to Greenbelt 1's Onstage Theater to watch Repertory Philippines' Shakespeare in Hollywood. I wish I have pictures, but cameras were not allowed inside. But let me take this opportunity to suggest that you guys watch it. It will run until the 17th of April (that's this Sunday). It is quite funny. Cris Villonco is awesomesauce and meaty! Haha. I think I'll (we, hopefully) be going to watch more plays in the future (I'm actually eyeing Peter Pan next. When's that again?)

That's just about how my Saturday went. I think Yayay and I will have to put a lot of our usual galas on hold for a while because we really, REALLY need to save up for Palawan for June. Yay! The flight's been booked and we'll be booking our accommodations next week. Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Come, June, come already! =)

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