Wednesday, April 27, 2011


One really gets something from bad experiences. Last year, when I still had this urge to kill my ex, I have flooded my Facebook and this blog with hate statuses and entries that detailed every pain I was feeling and retaliating for everything that Hub said or did against me. Today, 11 months after we broke up, I find myself to be a different person.

I don't want to rehash anything anymore about what's happening in my life lately. I have learned how to keep my peace already. I guess, I don't find the urge to defend myself or make sense out of things because now I have learned that it is enough that I know my stand and why I think I am right. If people will think I am wrong, then that's their problem. If they want to tell people things about me, then that's their problem again.

I guess the thought that I am very happy now and that I am keeping this happiness inside where no one can mess around with it also helps. No matter how shitty the things have been said are, I find myself angry one minute and then happy the next whenever I see Yayay's "hahaha" in the chatbox or when he tells me "I miss you more". Suddenly, nothing is wrong in this world anymore. I guess I am just really lucky that way that I don't find myself using up my energy on negative activities like posting statuses in FB targeted to certain people.

I am just really happy to finally change and keep my peace now. That's one less load to carry.

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