Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Outing with Yayay's friends

I am not very big on outings. I almost never went on one with the ex's friends (except the one with FS3 because they are probably one of the nicest people I know). I am choosy with people. If there is any doubt on whether one will be a good company, then I would never even try to spend time with that person. But I never had second thoughts about the Casa Ibiza outing. Yayay asked if I wanted to come and I said yes. I was a bit shy, but I know I want to get to know them.

And I am happy I went! Hehe. I am not chummy with them yet, but they're nice people. I am still a bit shy, but they didn't intimidate me at all. It helped that they interrogated me. Haha. At least I don't need to try too hard to talk to them because I am not the best conversationalist on this side of the planet. In short -- I suck at talking to people I don't know. I wish I stayed up late with them, though, but I ate too much at Slice N Dice I feel like barfing when I am sitting, so I went to bed early. But I am game for the next outing! :)

We stayed at one of Casa Ibiza's grand villas. The place is so-so, and I am already being very nice about that. The website is pretty impressive, but I guess pictures have a way of fooling people. Had dinner at Slice N Dice in Antipolo. Went back to Casa Ibiza after and Yayay and I went for a dip in the pool. LAMIG! Sayang ang second swimsuit ko because I didn't dare swim the next day anymore. Haha. Oh well. It's going to get worn in June. :) Left the place around 12noon the next day and then ate at Cyma Eastwood for lunch and then we went bowling after. Normally, I don't do anything for the first time with people I am not close to, but I don't want to be such a KJ, so I said yes to their prodding. :) It was pretty fun, and I am happy to not have made a fool of myself. I think all the Wii time at Bes' house helped. :)

At Slice N Dice (me, Diana, Dennis, Claude, Rona, and Arlene)

I know I'm not in this photo. I just posted this because look at Yayay, so pogi! Hehe.

I didn't go back to the pool in the morning.

At Crescent Moon Cafe.

I looked like I am not up to anything good.

After two bowling games.

I grabbed everything from Dennis' Casa Ibisucks album in Facebook. I brought my camera, but I got too lazy to take pictures.

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