Thursday, July 8, 2010

And Picture Posting Begins

I had been feeling really bad lately. I think I knew too much that I just learned I can't handle these things anymore. I was alright before this week started. But all the rebounding news just threw me off course. I guess 3 years and 6 months just ain't enough for someone to stay put for a while.

Well, the thing is I do not ever plan to rebound. First, because my great set of friends won't allow me to do that. We've all agreed that it's "good riddance" for the last one, but still, 3 years and 6 months happened. He can be "good riddance" but he still happened. Also, just because he is "good riddance" doesn't mean that he should be replaced just like that. That is not something my friends will let me do; my friends are the greatest. I can't imagine them ever telling my ex that it's good he's been replaced. Second, Bianca is emotionally bankrupt. She can't give anything yet at this point.

So yeah, these are pictures I've acquired over the past month.

Tali Beach. June '10

Candid is always great.

My pimping picture. Hehe.

I've always had a kid in me.

Of course, there are the breakup buddy pictures.

Something sultry for a change.

First Monthsary Without One.
June 25-26, '10.
Sakae Sushi, MOA.
Icebergs, Harbour Centre

While still in the office.

That's a familiar conveyor belt, right?

A picture with my ladies.

Walking away with my breakup buddies.

There are three girls. How can there not be a Charlie's Angels inspired picture?

This one fascinated us. Hehe.

Bored Bianca at Icebergs.

Bianca sa Breakwater. (Or Bianca ang bagong model ng Victoria Court?)

I always get the horns.

A pic that is just so cool not to post.

So far, that has been it. I was yet to record the second month of my breakup. I am not sure what I'll be able to say about this second month. It seems worst than the last one. However, it's always the darkest before the sun rises, right?

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