Friday, January 13, 2012

The 2011 Year-Ender Special: Something that came too late

It's now 14 days into 2012, and I am just ashamed to have only ended 2011 for my blog today. But you all know what they say: It's better late than never! Haha.

I am dubbing 2011 as The Year I Lived. Not that I was dead for 24 years before 2011, but I feel like I have been cooped up all my life before last year. It must be all the things I feel like I wasn't able to experience: four years in high school, life in university, just plain going around places like a normal human being, etc. Besides, I feel like 2011 gave me back everything I lost in 2010 plus a lot more.

Promotions. 2011 started with, not one but two, promotions: as Senior Team Lead and as Lead Tutor. Basically, I get to coordinate the sub-team leads in the office and do quality-related stuff at work. It was nice to work with Julie again, who trained me to be a tutor, except that this time, I was being trained to train people. It was also nice to be considered for a position I lost to a dear friend at work (haha). Overall, I just felt like I was doing a good job again, something I think I honestly sucked at most of 2010. Promotions, however, didn't stop there. I got another one in March. This time as Program Supervisor.

First Plane Ride. I went to Palawan last June when I had my first plane ride! I wasn't really supposed to hop on a plane just like that without checking with my doctor first since I have a congenital heart disease, and I wasn't really supposed to ride one (hihi). But I bought the plane ticket on a whim, so checking with the doctor first didn't really happen. Later on, I figured that the doctor may not allow me to ride the plane (and I already paid), so I just allowed myself to stress about it the last few weeks leading to the trip. I just thought that if I die in the plane ride, it was my fault, so there. I rode it, and like all the rides I embark on, I fell asleep almost all throughout the ride. Haha. But I woke up when we were miles up in the air with beautiful Palawan below. My first plane ride: just plain wonderful.

Teams to handle: Since I was promoted to Supervisor, I got to handle two teams this year: Gaiman and Machiavelli. I was the original sTL of Gaiman which I had Philip adopt when I was promoted to Senior Team Lead. Machiavelli, on the other hand, was Chris' brainchild. Handling two teams to handle when there are a lot of issues and no sTLs can get a bit crazy at times, but when they start working their asses off and meeting and going over the quota, all the crazy days become worth it.

Team Bato: Team Bato bloomed from a common love for making fun of people. Ok, that was a joke. Haha. Actually, Team Bato is an exclusive, invite-only "dysfunctional family unit" (Cruz, R., 2011). It's mostly made up of Team Gaiman and some people from other teams. Quite honestly, I was a bit surprised at how these people all got along too well. We aren't just officemates anymore. We're a family in every single way even if we can get a bit dysfunctional at times. Sometimes, only people sustain you in a company, and this is exactly what Team Bato is doing to me or probably to all of us. In an office, there are people you hate, people you kinda like, people you like and people you love. Without batting an eyelash, I can say, from the bottom of my heart, I love Team Bato.

End of Year Productivity Award. Second time in a row for Team Gaiman. I won't write a lot about it anymore, lest I sound too smug, but Oh Yeah! =D

New home. After living in Las Pinas for more than 3 years, I moved to my new home just before 2011 ended, and I don't see myself moving out really soon or for good or at least until I have my first child. I look out of my window each night to watch the passing cars, to feel the chilly breeze in my face, and I know that I'd rather not be anywhere else. It's not the most convenient place to live in given where I currently work, but whenever I step into compound no matter how harrowing the commute is, I feel that I am home.

Last but not the least...

Le Boyfriend. I look at Yayay, and I realize just how lucky I am. He saved me from myself. We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but he gives me something to be thankful for everyday. He prods me to go out and live life, to grab opportunities, to try things at least once, to not be afraid, to take risks, to live the life I should have lived years ago. With Yayay, I am not sick. With Yayay, I am strong. With Yayay, I can do what I want to do. With Yayay, I am me. I've learned a lot in almost 10 months because Yayay doesn't protect me from what can hurt. He lets me be, and I like myself better today.

2011 has been wonderful. Bad things happened -- yes, they did, but 2011 still rocked, and I wish that 2012 will be just as great. =)

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