Monday, October 3, 2011

Four Years

I didn't plan to be in Clientcomm for long. As a matter of fact, I didn't really have plans when I was just almost 21. I haven't graduated yet. Thesis is waiting to be finished. I just really need to earn money to pay what's left of my balance in school, so I can graduate already. I found myself in training at a call center July of 2007 where I met Donna who would eventually lead me to Clientcomm. "You'll love the people there", she said. "They love reading and writing, too." My only concern was if I will be good enough to be there. After all, I didn't have any serious writing experience. "I just really love to write" is my usual answer to people who comment on my writing. "Kaya mo yon!" Donna urged, so I went to take the first two sims which I have to say is just really hard I've no brain cells left anymore after taking it. It was pain from start to finish. I didn't even know what a thesis statement is yet! But I passed that initial screening, took sims A & B, proceeded to training, and on Oct. 4, 2007, I was hired -- my first job ever.

First CCI Christmas Party. This is practically the whole team minus three people.

It's been four years since that day, and I can say that some essays still get the best of me. I doubt if that'll ever change. I still don't like literary papers, and I think that Australian and Capella students should just quit school and stop making my life so hard. Haha. That was a joke. But seriously, Clientcomm is never just work now. If I leave in the future, I'd always thank Clientcomm for the person I have become. Even with the issues and all.

Christmas Party '08. An almost complete SMT. Only Mich was missing here.

My stay hasn't been all great. I've had issues with a lot people there. Let me say that again: I've had MANY issues with a lot of people there, and the way the company is being run. For a number of times, I was tempted to leave -- to seek greener pastures in Singapore, to seek some company with more stability, to seek a job that is more rewarding and one where I can actually feel like I am getting promoted -- but I always end up staying. There is always a reason to stay. Right now, I figured it's because my job here is just not done yet.

My first team. "Team Three O'clock habit" minus Kat and Pinky.

Another Team 3 shot now with Pinky. Kat is still missing.

Original Gaiman in my surprise birthday party last year.

Another Gaiman shot.

Last July, I recruited people to complete my team lineup, and I was able to recruit 7 wonderful people and trained one, and they have been wonderful additions to my already wonderful teams. During my 4-year stay at Clientcomm, I had people guiding me every step of the way, and now it's my turn. I want these people to be the kind of worker that I am. I want them to stay because they love what they're doing and not because they don't have anywhere to go anymore. I will tell them that essaying is never easy, and they will get to a point where it's sickening already, but I hope that they don't grow to hate it. That they don't look at essaying as just a job and Clientcomm as just a company. I want them to see it as I see it: something that molded them to become the persons they want to be.

First CCI-SMT sTLs.

I've learned a lot from Clientcomm, and most of those lessons I learned from getting things wrong. The job is never easy. Just when you think nothing can break your stride anymore, there it will be hitting you right in the face, but there is always something to love. Clientcomm has the best people, and I really hope that they learn to give back to them. Not that they're not giving back. Maybe something's just lacking. Maybe things are just too slow. Maybe there are just some things that I wish they see and finally change. It's not the best company there is, but it was there when I needed it, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Second batch of sTLs with Mich.

I found the coolest boss there who is THE ONLY BOSS I saw who crawls under a table to fix the Internet connection. I found a friend in a boss I didn't actually like before. I made enemies out of my friends. Some new people irritated the hell out of me, but I eventually liked them. I found my tough-love good friend there. I found my soulmates there. I found my bestfriend-eventually-not-anymore-but-then-he'll-always-be-special friend there. I found a Kuya there. A lot of shit happened in my life, but people from Clietcomm has always been there.

Team Gaiman Productivity Award (Fall Term 2010)

I've also not been in the best shape to lead last year, but Clientcomm never gave up on me, although I feel that it has forever tainted my abilities to be an effective leader. I sometimes wonder if things will ever be the same for me again, company growth-wise, but that I leave to time.

Random 2010 shots.

Christmas Party '10

A lot of the events in my life have been crazy roller coaster rides, and Clientcomm is one of those. This one, however, hasn't ended yet. I don't know when it will end, and if it will, will I ever find myself seeking the thrill of that roller coaster ride again like a lot of people who came before me? Maybe. Maybe not. What I know is I am where I am supposed to be right now. Work is not yet done. Actually, it's already 1:32 am, and I still need to be in the office early tomorrow and start the first day of my fifth year.

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