Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Countdown to 25: The Day I Turned 24

In the next few days, I'll be posting some of the highlights/craziness that happened when I was 24. Just a little looking back through the past year. =)


I welcomed my 24th year on Earth in Philip's house playing Wii. We had dinner of Mama's famous baked tuna, took pictures, and played Wii after until the clock struck 12. I know that my eyes are giving away the sadness; I didn't want to be alone on my birthday, but I still felt alone. All throughout the night, my only thought was "My first birthday alone in 4 years." That night ended early, and home I went. I still had classes in the morning, so I need to sleep early.

Flip, Chad, Baba, Moi, Donna, Myri, Rocky, Johms, Inigo, and Khelle.

I wasn't really expecting anything. As a matter of fact, I wanted to take a leave on my birthday. I just didn't want to work. But I didn't, so I went to school. When I got to my class, I was surprised to have a cake waiting for me. The first birthday cake I ever got in my whole life. My Expository English boys gave it to me. We ate the cake instead of having a class and I took pictures with each one of them. Debutante ang peg. Ako na! That class ended and I didn't have the second one because it was exam week and they're taking their tests for their other subjects. My anak, Karla, and her gf Kathy found me and they treated me to Starbucks.

Me and my cake!

My Expository English boys.

Karla and my Happy Birthday frappe.

With Karla.

I was more than happy getting a cake that I raved about it non-stop to Philip (complete with gushing) as we made it to the office from school. I didn't know that there is an even BIGGER SURPRISE waiting for me in the office. I still can't quite find the words to describe the awesome-ness that is my 24th birthday party (and it's going to be a year in a few days), so instead of not giving enough justice to it using my words, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Post-it covered table c/o Gaiman.

The roses were from my Gaiman boys. :)

SURPRISE. There is a video version where I looked doubly stupid. Haha.

My Gaymen!

With the mastermind. =)

Whut! Another gift?

Dedications at the back of a picture.

Perfect gift for the vain.

With the bosses.

Letters from the Gaiman girls. :)

A complete SMT picture was actually the only gift I was asking from them.
I certainly got a lot more. =)

If my 24th year on Earth can be judged by how it started, you sure can say it will be awesome. But was it? Let's see in the coming days. =)

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