Monday, February 28, 2011

So What Do I Want To Do With My Life?

"Ikaw? Anong gusto mong gawin?"

"Umm... Mag-travel.."

I was taken aback by his question. Not a lot of people actually bother asking me what I want to do. Travelling is just something at the top of my head. I wondered about his question, though, the moment I was alone with my thoughts. What do I want to do?

I should've said "a lot" because there are a lot I want to do.

I want to take up make-up classes. While I don't dream of being a Barbie Chan (but that has a ring to it. Maybe I do dream of being like her after all. Hehe.), I do want to take up a make-up class that will be the start of me being "Bianca/Professional Make-up Artist." I want to start slow, though. Just me first and then maybe do a friend's make-up for, say, an occasion like a wedding! :) I actually already looked online and Jasmine Mendiola's make-up classes kind of sounds fun.

I want to take up sewing classes. I took up a sewing elective in high school, and I have always, always wanted to take up serious sewing classes in the past few years when I fell in love with fashion. I breathe clothes. I can't even explain the feeling I get just by looking at clothes online. I think it will help me save a lot if I make my own clothes and then make some others to sell. I really want to sew. I feel like I will give my job up if I finish a sewing class and just establish my own business.

My own business. Eversince I discovered that I can ukay (thrift shopping) pretty well, I have always wanted to put up my own online ukay business. I just really need to get a hold of myself because I tend to wear all my ukay purchases instead of putting them up to be sold. But yes, having my own business is something I want to do, too.

But then there are those things I have always wanted to do least once in my life: learn to play the guitar, make a decent scrapbook, write for a magazine, get a decent camera and take beautiful pictures (I think I am kind of trying to deceive myself that I don't want to be a photographer, but when I see beautiful shots, I tell myself I can get that shot, too). And there has always been that dream to send Mama and Papa to Venice on an all-expense paid trip care of me! :)

And then there are my lifetime to-dos: get married, raise a family, and then teach when I have the luxury of not needing money anymore. Teaching doesn't pay well, so I plan to go back to teaching when I don't have money troubles anymore, and once I already worked on my Master's. I still want a family of my own. I don't know how, but after The Myth of the Human Body Exhibit, I know I won't be having babies unless I am ready to risk myself. I learned that when a woman gets pregnant, her heart enlarges, and I can't have that because my heart isn't of normal size anymore. But that's fine. I'm going to have a baby still. How? We'll figure something out, me and whoever I will end up with.

So there, I want to thank you for making me figure out my life plans. :) It is because of instances like these that I think you have promise in you. :)

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